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Quality Management System


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)


Our GMP quality assurance system ensures that all fish oils are processed in the ways that meet the quality standards for the intended uses.


Quality Control systems


Our Quality control systems are constantly monitoring in-house lab tests, product specification compliances and QC documentation along with release procedures.


Our Q.C team ensures a stringent implementation of our Sanitary Operating Procedure (SOP) in accordance with the principles of our HACCP and GMP systems.


At New Life Health Products Joint Stock Company our clear objective is to continuously improve our processing technique so we can provide the highest quality fish oil possible.


Raw material Quality assurance system


Our crude fish oil raw materials are sourced from Vietnam, Ecuador, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and others locations throughout the world and before any feeds stock material is allowed to be used in production it must be analyzed and obtained QA approval.


Our rigorous quality assurance system includes testing during each step of the production process to final product.


All raw materials are tested using advanced analysis techniques such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Thin Layer Chromatographic (TLC) for identity, purity and potency.


Quality processing standards

We take pride in manufacturing a selective range of Tuna and other Marine Fish Oils in our state-of-the-art factory with the ultimate focus on food safety for the end user.


Our highly motivated and well trained laboratory technicians are deeply committed to performing accurate analysis and producing truthful COA and lab reports.


All of our products are carefully processed following quality control methods that mandate a strict testing policy at each stage of the manufacturing process as to ensure safety and consistency.


All production lots must be in full compliance with the product's specifications before our QA department releases the final production for sale.


Plant Safety and Hygiene


Our quality control team monitors all activities carried out inside and out of the factory as to ensure the safety of fish oil at all stages of the food supply chain from primary production or purchase, through processing and storage, to distribution and consumption.




Based on our product lot code identification system we can determine back to the species, time and place our raw materials were input and the origin of raw materials (specific lots) processes and commercial-logistics information. This allows us to ensure control at all stages of the process, providing security to our customers with relation to the quality of our products.


Record and database management system


Our records and database management system was established to maintain a strict control on keeping records on every detail of every production batch from raw material to final product.




We are committed to protecting the environment and fishery that provide us with our livelihood.


New Life Health Products Joint Stock Company is certified sustainable by Friend of The Sea, an organization dedicated to the preservation of marine resources.


All fishing regions we source our crude oil from are closely monitored by the government with full traceability.